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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: May 6, 2008

Good news, Hipcooks!

The June schedules at Hipcooks East and Hipcooks West are up!
For West, click here:
And for East, click here:

This month we are HEAVY into new class development:
so, next month, be on the lookout for

  • The next book club class!  Get your read on early with "A Debt to Pleasure: A Novel"by John Lanchester, with Alyson
  • A 2-part cake decorating seminar with Bonny
  • And a down-home class with Monika, about to head to the South for "research" in early June. 
  • A four-part seasonal Farmer's Market class

This month, rather than send you off with a recipe, I wanted to give you a little inspiration.  Last weekend, Alyson and I hosted a 16-course Fancy Pants tasting dinner for 27 beautifully-pant clad people,  We had ridiculous fun in the kitchen.  Hope our menu inspires you to make-it-up, be daring, create and have a blast.  In other words, be a Hipcook!

Eat well, Be well

Alyson & Monika's Tasting Menu

  1. Bellinis with white peach pure
  2. Tuna tartare in a hand-made sesame ice cream cone, with wasabi caviar sprinkles
  3. Nigori (unfiltered) sake
  4. Kumamoto oysters with 2 types of caviar and champagne vinegar soaked chives
  5. Halibut cheeks with saffron coulis
  6. White Rioja
  7. Shots of hot and cold minted pea soup
  8. Crab ravioli in handmade herbed pasta with red pepper swirls
  9. Basil vodka shooter
  10. Roasted beets stuffed with gorgonzola cheese rolled in hazelnuts
  11. Herb crusted rack of lamb with wasabi mash and crispy shredded ginger
  12. Campari and grapefuit sorbet
  13. Elk loin in a red wine, shitake mushroom reduction with herbs and flowers
  14. Argentine Malbec
  15. Heirloom tomatoes stuffed with freshest buffalo mozzarella, shiso leaves and olive oil
  16. Lavender-scented natillas with wine-poached kumquat slices