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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: April 14, 2006

Hey There Hipcooks!

What?  What?  So I am only 1/2 a month late with the newsletter!  Taxtime!

I will make it up to you with all kinds of tasty tidbits.  So much to say. As per usual, the little recipe treat awaits you at the end:

  • The new schedule is up!  As promised, I have new classes:  a Cake decorating class, so that you can make beautiful cakes for your friends.  We'll make loadsa cupcakes and practice on those, yum!  With summer and Hollywood Bowl concerts around the corner I thought it would be fun to have a Picnic Class, so that is up, too.  Look for "Cupcake" and "Pack it up!'" on the schedule.  I am doing my best to listen to requests & post more classes on the weekends.  To help, I have recruited new this summer should be chocka-block.  Click here ( for the latest schedule, with June to come out in early May. 
  •   The Brewery Artwalk is next weekend!  April 22 and 23rd.  Come on down and say "Hello!".  A nice opp to check out Hipcooks if you have not been here before.  This year, Hipcooks will have glass jewelry by Retimade, incredible artwork by Osvaldo Trujillo and the usual Hipcooks chaos.  See you there!
  • Do you Myspace?  I have a page there for Hipcooks, and it is where I post my blogs and newsletters.  I am planning on posting more recipes there, some video-instruction, and I think it would be a fun forum for people to link, connect, etc.  Check out Hipcooks on Myspace, and add me as a friend!  I'll click you back, and I can grow the community on the Hipcooks site.  Just thinkin' of fun ways for more interactivity....
  • Private classes at Hipcooks are is where a group will reserve an evening for themselves for a private class.  Summer is esp busy,  - I have bridal & baby shower classes on offer during weekend days, corporate classes on weekdays, and all kinds of groups in the evenings.  You are welcome to check out private class info (available at - but please give us plenty of time in advance to book the date!

And now, the recipe of the month:  the perfect hard boiled egg.  Happy spring!
We refer to two recipes.  The first is a tried and true one that I use, from my hero, Julia Child.  The second is a totally unique and interesting theory...the 67 degree egg.  They are BIG in Europe!  Trust me, for all you egg-heads out there, this article on the Science of Cooking, the search for the perfect egg, is a fascinating read.
I did try my first 67 (ish!) degree egg - and I totally loved it!

For those of you who like the traditional approach:

Recipe by Julia Child, "The Way to Cook"  

1. Lay the eggs in the pan and add cold water. The
water should cover the eggs by 1 inch, so use a tall pan, and limit
cooking to 2 dozen eggs at a time.
Set over high heat and bring just to the boil; remove from heat, cover the pan,
and let sit exactly 17 minutes.

2. When the time is up, transfer the eggs to the bowl of ice cubes and water. Chill for 2 minutes while bringing the cooking water to the boil
again. (This 2 minute chilling shrinks the body of the egg from the shell.)

3. Transfer the eggs (6 at a time only) to the boiling water, bring to the boil again, and let boil for 10 seconds - this expands the shell from the
egg. Remove eggs, and place back into the ice water.

Chilling the eggs promptly after each step prevents that dark line from forming, and if time allows, leave the eggs in the ice water after the last
step for 15 to 20 minutes. Chilled eggs are easier to peel, as well.
The peeled eggs will keep perfectly in the refrigerator, submerged in water in an uncovered container, for 2 to 3 days.

Eat well, Be well,