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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: July 7, 2008

Happy dog-days of summer Hipcooks!

This is the last of the old-skool-stylie newsletters, dawgs!  No lazy summer days for us, we are busy pimpin' out the website and newsletter platforms so that come September & back-to-school, you'll see a whole new super-schwank design.  Whoot whoot!

So please slowly savor these tasty tidbits, here's all I got for yas for the rest o' the season:

  • New class contest!  Come the fall, we'll be adding heaps of new fun class themes.  What would you like to see here?  Dying to cover yourself in flour and potato for a gnocchi-making extravaganza?  Salivating over salt cod?  Want to get cheezey with a seminar in mozzarella-making?  A shi-shi wine paring class?  Email me your wildest wish of a cooking class theme, and we'll pick the winner!  "What's in in for me, you ask"?  Other than making your dreams come true?  Free passes for 4 to attend the class, yeah!
  • Daytime Hipcooks class.  Wassup doc?  After much clamoring for day classes at Hipcooks, I posted one of the sexiest summer classes we have - A Midsummer Night's Dream for Hipcooks West on July 30.  So far there's tons of room in the class, so giddyup!
  • Knife it up!  Looking to learn Mad Skillz with the Blade?  Do I have the class for y'all - Endless Summer Salads.  Not a leaf of green in the class, instead we chop til you drop and make the most amazing main course salad dishes for the summer.  My favorite class to teach, hands down.  With all fingers on 'em!  Hope to see you there!!!  (Bring your knifes from home, and we'll sharpen 'em up for you at the end of class fo' free!)
  • See the whole she-bang of classes, the summer sched is posted and up up up at  Pack it Up! is back - the ultimate Hollywood Bowl class.  The menu is amazing - a beautiful dinner-in-the garden theme.
  • End-of the summer recipe for you! 
Campari Sorbet
"Sorbetti al Campari", for you hob-nobbers.  I made this with Chef Alyson for our million-course dinner party as a palate cleanser.  It is a total winner, especially for types (like me) who opt for the wacky aperitifs.   Teetotaler?  No problem! Just boil out the alcohol.  Note that this recipe requires an ice-cream maker.  If you don't have them, I do recommend them, as they are the bee's knees.  You can get one that fits right in the KitchenAid.  Got kids?  There are these wonderful ice-cream balls ($22 at amazon), the kid's kick'em around while you adults sit around and shoot the breeze.  You can feed the whippersnappers a bite or two of Campari Sorbet and enjoy a peaceful evening.  This recipe serves 4, generously:

2 cups grapefuit juice (if possible, buy fresh squeezed.  Be crazy, with pulp!)
7 oz sugar (3/4 cup) sugar
1/2 cup campari
juice of a lemon
juice of an orange

Whisk together the grapefruit juice and sugar.  Add Campari, lemon and orange.  Churn until frozen, pop in freezer to really firm up.

Happy Happy Happy healthy summer, Hipcooks.  Hope to see you soon!

Eat well, Be well,