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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: July 7, 2006

Hi there Summer-Lovin' Hipcooks!

'Scuse the delays for this month's mailer.  It's too much fun out there!  But here's what I gots to say:

  • The new schedule is up!  Click here ( for the latest schedule.  And it is chock-full of all the choices.  I have been listening to your requests for weekend Thai One On, Cocktails and Turning Japanese.  See what a nice Hipcook I am?  One more top pick:  Pack it Up!  Since The Theivery Corp Pack it Up! class was such as success, I am repeating the deal for the night of August 27 for repeat shenanigans when Zero-7 plays the Bowl.  But this time, get your own seats.  I will be there and will have food, naturally, so we can meet at a picnic spot before the show.  Ah - but if any of you would like tickets to the Thievery Corp show - I may have a couple extra so email me.
  • Hipcooks Who You? Party Yup, that's right.  I said, "Who You?"  You see, there are so many of you fascinating, charming, fun types in our Hipcooks community that I want to get to know you better.  And you should meet each other.  And we should have a party!  (And I should not teach or cook!) And there should be a rockin' DJ.  And there should be food and drink!  So, I've set Saturday, August 19th as the date.  Given that I have over 3,000 of you on my email list, it may be good for you to send me an email if you would like an invite to the party.  Book the date:  August 19th.  Eight 'til late!

And now, the recipe of the month, from me and from Hipcooks student Heather.   Because I just loved this email she sent:

OMG! D and I loved your persian immersian class...but we have added a twist!
We make Persian HAMBURGERS out of your meatball recipe!!  YUM! OMG
they are to die for!

So I thought I would sent out Persian Immersion's meatball recipe, for you do do with it as you will!  By the way, I also added 2 more Persian Immersion classes for the next round!
          About 1 lb all natural ground beef (or lamb)

Handfuls of each:  chopped mint, parsley and spring onion
½ an onion, chopped
sprinkle of salt and pepper
mix all the above, shape into balls and sauté in the smallest amount of grapeseed oil until nice and browned.  To make it a little saucy, I love to add about ½ a glass of water and a squeeze of lemon.  You can reduce this sauce as much as you like.

Eat Well, Be Well