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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: May 2, 2011

Boing Boing Boing - Happy Spring, Hipcooks!
This is what we're hoppin' about this month:

    * New classes are posted at Hipcooks EastLA, WestLA,  Portland and Seattle! (Last of Spring in Paris, so hop to it, rabbits!)

    * Persian Immersion, this Wednesday, WestLA, 7pm: One of our favorite classes. Treat yourself to an exotic evening of new flavors, and learn to throw a fabulous dinner that everyone will remember. Even if you know nothing of Persian food, you will find this menu delightful, approachable and delicious! Think Scheherazade from 1001 Arabian nights: gorgeous and sexy dishes fragrant with sweet and sour flavors to delight your friends.
          o Maast-o Khiar: Cucumber and yogurt salad with herbed meatballs
          o Shirin Pollo: Chicken and saffron rice jeweled with almonds, pistachio, orange peel & barberries.
          o Khoresht-e-fesenjan: Luscious pommegranate walnut chicken stew
          o Rosewater-cardamom ice cream

    * Cinco de Mayo! We've got the fiesta happening with Holy Mole! (our Mexican class with Margaritas and Mole, mmm) EastLA, Pdx.

    * This weekend is Mother's Day!  ALL studios are serving up lovely Mother's Day classes. Bring your Mums and have a hoot!  Here's to Mother's, and Cooking! LA studios still have room in Brunch classes:
          o Caviar,chive crème fraîche cups
          o Croustade with smoked salmon, capers, onions
          o Tri-colored pepper & herb frittata with bittergreens salad
          o Leek and goat cheese tartlettes
          o Beet, rosemary & nut muffins
          o Orange and almond cake

    * Beauty is Back! Hi Beautiful! Make soaps, scrubs, masks, creams - all from natural ingredients. Leave with your face a-glow and your heart full of inspiration to make these treats for you and your beloveds. A perfect class for the DYI homemaker & gift-giver. This class comes with a sample-sized take-home goody bag with what you've made. Its called Food for your Face and West LA's got it. If you'd like to see this class at another studio (like Portland or Seattle), just let us know!

Recipe of the Month:  Thanks to y'all who made it down for Artwalk in LA in April. We served up lots of food, and this item was one of the faves.

              o Spring Pea Pure on Crostini The easiest thing to do is to buy a package of frozen organic peas and defrost. In a food processor, add the peas plus about 1/4 red onion, 1 clove garlic, 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, a small handful of mint leaves. Season with the juice of 1/2 - 1 lemon, salt and pepper.  Pretend you are in Tuscany, and serve with toasts, slices of fresh pecorino cheese and a crispy glass of Pinot Grigio.

Eat Well, Be Well,