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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: February 1, 2012

Happy February Hipcooks!

How much do we LOVE you? Let us count the ways!

    * 1. Hipcooks Classes are posted! Here's the link to schedules for Hipcooks EastLA, WestLA San Diego, Portland and Seattle. We've got your back for Valentine's Day - check out these ideas:

    * 2. Romantic Dinner for 2 classes are at all studios! Think of it - come before Valentine's Day to learn how to make a gorgeous, sexy meal as a surprise for your sweetiepie OR bring a date to your class and kill 2 birds with one Hipcooks! One or more of these is offered at all studios:

Romantic Dinner for 2, #1: Sexy bruschettas, Mouth-watering pumpkin, garlic, sage risotto, Exotic wild mushroom risotto, Peppery, palate-refreshing salad, Ginger-raspberry & Grand Marnier crème brûlée
Romantic Dinner for 2, #2: Salad with warm goat cheese stuffed, prosciutto- wrapped dates & caramelized nuts, Caldeirada - The sexiest dish ever. Your new ace-in-the-hole.  A Portuguese seafood stew with fish, scallops, mussels, clams, & saffron, "Oh yes, I am the hero" Chocolate Souffle with raspberry cream
Romantic Dinner for 2, #3: Pastry squares with wild mushroom ragout , Beef tenderloin with creamy polenta cakes, Bright veggie sautee in ancho chile sauce, Luscious goat cheese tart with berry coulis

    * 3. Feb is all about sweets, isn't it lovebirds?  Learn: Molten Chocolate cakes, Tarte Tatin, Lemon tartlettes & a showstopping Croquembouche with spun caramel. Your Just Desserts, Sun Feb 4 at Hipcooks San Diego and Sun Feb 5 at Hipcooks Seattle.

    * 4. Are we Cheesey? You bet we are! In fact, this whole newsletter is to the tune Air Supply's "I'm all Outta Love"- let that be the soundtrack in your head as you read this message. Ahem, anyway, The Cheese Whiz is an awesome class, cheesey goodness guaranteed! I am taking requests to build a soundstrack of Cheesey Love Songs to play during this class. Email me your ideas! : ) All studios are offering this fab class: Sat 2/11 at Hipcooks Portland, 2/18 at WestLA, 2/19 at EastLA & San Diego, 2/26 at Seattle. Learn to make mozzarella, goat cheese, mascarpone, ricotta, fromage fort and more!

    * 5. Spread the word, spread the LOVE. Hipcooks Facebook pages are going LOCAL! Each location is maintaining their own Hipcooks Facebook page so our posts can be more localized. Please check us out! "Like us"! Please? Be our valentine! As a reward, we're offering a wonderful Recipe of the Month series at each location:

Feb Recipe(s!) of the Month:

 14 Days until Valentine's Day: a recipe and photo for each day will be posted at your local Hipcooks Facebook Page! Each day, a new recipe. Come see us! Come back for more!  "Like" us - we LOVE you! Below are the links, so you can get clicking!
Facebook: Hipcooks Los Angeles
Facebook: Hipcooks Portland
Facebook: Hipcooks Seattle
Facebook: Hipcooks San Diego

Hipcooks Counts the ways they love You: A countdown of 14 recipes until Valentine's Day

   1 Feb:  Red and Yellow Roasted Pepper Heart Soup (click on your studio above to get the recipe!)
   2 Feb:  Fig, Goat Cheese and Prosciutto on Bruschetta
   3 Feb: Toasted Almonds drizzled with Dark Chocolate and Maldon Salt
   4 Feb: Raspberry Florentines
   5 Feb: Goat Cheese Tart with Raspberry Coulis
   6 Feb: Good Ol' Oysters and Champagne
   7 Feb: Crepes with Meyer lemons
   8 Feb: Beet & tangerine salad
   9 Feb: Red-wine poached pears with chocolate sauce
  10 Feb: Homemade Nutella
  11 Feb ....(TBA)
  12 Feb ....(TBA)
  13 Feb .....(TBA)
  14. LOVE!

Eat well, Be well.  And Lots of Love!